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how to apply for the M.O.I medium of instruction certificate from the university

What Is  M.O.I

The full meaning of MOI is Medium of Instruction. Medium of Instruction is a document that verifies the language used to teach a particular course or program. It is a type of Language Proficiency Certificate.

That is, MOI is the certificate of the language in which you completed your previous Course Instruction or degree. That degree can be Bachelor's or Master's. In the context of Bangladesh, it can be said a little more simply that the certificate of the previous degrees you studied and participated in the medium of Bengali or English is the Medium of Instruction certificate. For example, if you have done your Bachelor's studies in Bengali, then your Medium of Instruction is Bangla and if you have done it through English then your Medium of Instruction will be English.

Why is a MOI certificate required?

The MOI certificate is often required for students who wish to study abroad or for professionals who need to demonstrate their language skills for work or academic purposes. The MOI certificate is usually required after completing an undergraduate degree when applying for a subsequent higher degree. Currently, a MOI certificate is required in the Private Job sector as well. Because those whose MOI is in English are more likely to study abroad and work abroad.

Which countries accept MOI certificates for study?

In several countries including USA, UK, FRANCE, reputed universities can now apply through MOI certificate. Those who usually can apply for a Master's Degree after completing a bachelor's degree. Again, not all universities in Bangladesh can apply with MOI certificates, some specific universities can apply with MOI certificates.

Who issues the certificate?

Your school, college or university is responsible for providing you with a medium instruction certificate for admission or work purposes. Candidates can submit an official application to request this document. Many universities award degrees and academic certificates specifying the medium of education in the document.

Points to remember

Before you prepare and submit your Medium of Instruction Certificate application, you must follow the following points carefully to avoid any mistakes and successfully obtain the Medium of Instruction Certificate:-

Get this certificate only for your undergraduate degree education, no other degree will work.

It must be duly signed or stamped or both on an official letter headed by the awarding institution.

It should contain the name of the applicant.

The name of the degree must be mentioned.

Date of Certificate.

The document must state that the course was taught in English (or another language).

The certificate should state that the degree is 'awarded', 'granted' or 'granted'.

Contact details of institute or awarding body.

If the letterhead must contain the university's full address and contact details or provide details elsewhere in the document.

The designation of the officer issuing the certificate should be mentioned.

The name and contact details of the certifying officer must also appear on the certificate.