Top Ranked Universities in New Zealand 2019

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Did you know that every day the sun first rises in New Zealand? Edmond Hilary, the first person to climb the Mount Everest was a New Zealander. Who split the atom first? Baron Ernest, also a New Zealander.

New Zealand is a hotspot to study abroad for students around the world. New Zealand holds the 8th entries among 500 in QS World University Ranking 2019. QS World University Ranking ranks each university based on a methodology that evaluates the university’s reputation among employers and academic. Research impact is another factor that counts. It is very clear that New Zealand offers world-class education to its students. If you are reading this blog, you must be interested to study in New Zealand, So let us know about the top universities of New Zealand.


8. Auckland University of Technology:

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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) was established as Auckland Technical School in 1895. AUT ranks 646th in the world as of 28th April 28, 2019. Auckland University of Technology has the highest number of international students among other New Zealand Universities, ranking the university 23rd in the world for international student’s indicator.

7. Massey University

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If you are enthusiastic to study in New Zealand and your preferred subjects are; Aviation, Nano Science, Veterinary Medicine or Dispute Resolution, Massey University is the place to go. This is the only university to offer such courses. Massey University is located in the Palmerton North on the North Island. Though the ranking has fallen a little it is still in global 350 with current rank 332nd.

6. Lincoln University

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Lincoln University has moved two steps upwards and now ranks 317th in the global ranking. Lincoln University achieves a very strong score for the high percentage of both its international students and faculty members. According to the latest QS World University Ranking by Subject, Lincoln University holds the global top 50 for agriculture. If you want to study abroad, and your country of choice is New Zealand, Lincoln University will ensure world-class education and a successful career.


5. University of Waikato

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The University of Waikato has its main campus in Hamilton on the North Island and operates another campus in Tauranga. This year the University of Waikato moved gained 18 places upwards and now holds the 274th spot in the world ranking. The University of Waikato is particularly known to students because of its scholarship opportunities. If you are determined to study abroad, do consider the University of Waikato. You may get up to 50% scholarship you have the necessary requirements.

4. University of Canterbury 

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Canterbury University was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College. It is New Zealand’s oldest university. The University of Canterbury is situated in Christchurch, which is the largest city of New Zealand’s South Island. The University of Canterbury is the beloved campus of 14,000 students who have come to study in New Zealand form 80 different countries.

3. Victoria University of Wellington

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Ranked 221st in the world alongside with Science Po of France, Victoria University of Wellington was founded in 1897. Victoria University of Wellington is in global top 100 for 12 subjects according to the QE World University Ranking by subjects. This university has also made its position in the top 50 for Law, Library Information Management and Hospitality.


2. University of Otago

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The University of Otago has total 20,838 students among them 2837 international students who have come to study abroad. Though the university has fallen a little in the ranking, it is still joint 175th in the world along with two other universities. The University of Otago was established 150 years ago in 1869. This is one of the oldest universities of New Zealand, upholding the countries culture and tradition.  




1.  University of Auckland

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The University of Auckland holds the number one position among the top universities of New Zealand. The University of Auckland has the best ranking in the academic reputation criteria. Despite falling three places in ranking this year, the University of Auckland holds 85th in the world. With 41, 866 students, the University of Auckland is the countries’ largest university. According to the QS World University Rankings by subject 2018, University of Auckland is in top 50 for 18 subjects including archaeology, nursing, and business.


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