Company Overview


Education Hub Limited (EHL) is an educational consultancy firm with global recognition and reputation. EHL advise and assist the international student who wants to pursue their higher education in abroad.


​​​​​​​​​​We believe that education is the fundamental rights of human being and everyone should have access to quality higher education which is providing by the EHL since 2015. With this view in mind, we help the students with concrete information as well as advice in appropriate manner based on his or her educational backgrounds. Here at EHL, we are providing opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention to obtain higher degree from abroad.

Mission and Vision

Education Hub Limited has set out a mission of providing guidance to the international students who want to achieve their dream of higher education in renowned universities around the globe. Our mission is “to be a global ambassador of higher education and an open choice of our next generation for study abroad”

To get a strong goodwill from stakeholders and specially for students through EHL who has been served by Education Hub. Treasuring this goodwill is an ultimate vision of the company. Our relentless effort and dedication will be ultimate success, if our students find their best career path.

Registration Info


We are incorporated in UK as UK Education Hub Limited (Company number 12384245).
We are incorporated in Bangladesh as Education Hub Limited (Company Number: C-152436/2019)

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