5 Ways to Earn Money During Vacation

Posted At: Jan-27-2020    Posted By: Education Hub Desk

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As an international student you must have a plan for vacation. Of course you can pass the time exploring beautiful beaches and local restaurants with your friends, for as long as your wallet allows you. Visiting your home country could be another option. But if you are reading this blog for the title you might be looking to make some extra bucks while you study pressure is at its lowest. Let’s explore 5 easy way to make some quick bucks while you are in vacation.

1. Become a freelancer:

For a freelancer the greatest benefit is that, you have time flexibility and you can work any schedule when are free. For freelancing you can do different types of work such as online marketing, graphic designing, content or blog writing, photo or video editing, freelance website developing, tourist guiding etc. But remember before you get started, you have to make sure about the local laws on working because it differs from country to country. The first step is to set up profiles on platforms like Upwork which will connect you to just about anyone who needs help with a project. Another platform for micro jobs is fiver. You can find loads of small jobs on fiver. Unlike Upwork or other freelancing sites, you make a showcase of your works in fiver and based on your previous work samples the buyer finds you.

2. Find a part-time job:

If you are from Bangladesh, there is high chance you already have a part-time job. While you are in vacation, you can try find another one or just ask your current employer for few extra hours. But be really careful about working extra hours or jobs. Make sure your visa allow you to work the extra hours you are looking for. As a student you have to be transparent with your boss about work schedule so that you can be flexible with your schedule during exams or classes. Actually doing part-time job is not too hard to continue with study together. For a part-time job you have to commit between 6 to 10 hours in a week. In UK the National Minimum Wage vary from age to age for example, for a student aged between 18 and 20 is £5.30 per hour; and for 21 and over, the National Minimum Wage is £6.70 per hour.

3. Become a tutor:

If you are good in your studies and have a good grades you can become a tutor easily because many parents want to pay you if you help their kids with their schoolwork. Besides this you can also mange tuition in another way for example learning an instrument or playing a sport etc.     For searching tuition ask your teachers if they have a tutoring scheme at your university that you can sign up or ask them if they need any teaching assistants.

4. Do some babysitting:

If you like kids then babysitting can be another easy job to secure and maintain. Parents also offer high amount of wages and some free snacks. Doing this job you can earn money easily. According to updated data from childcare website, if you take care of two kids then you can earn at least $18 per hour. So the question is how can you search this job? For this you can check local job boards and Facebook groups to see if there's anyone requiring babysitting services.

5. Do some dog walking:

If you love to take care of pets and doesn’t like babysitting then it can be a new way to earn money for you. Pet owners offer handsome wages for taking care of their pets so you can easily earn money from here. To search this job try to put your details on a local job boards or Facebook groups to advertise your services to your community.

Hopefully this blog will be good enough to give you an idea about making some extra cash in your vacation period. Of course there are hundreds of other way to make money, some even without taking a job. Like making youtube videos, Game streaming, ETC. The whole thing boils down to your skills and expertise. We suggest you to focus and build on at least one expertise that you like and have fun while you do that. For any other information regarding studying abroad, accommodation, scholarships and job opportunities feel free to knock us anytime on social networks. We are always here for you.

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