Top 10 Reasons to study in the United Kingdom

Posted At: Nov-12-2020    Posted By: Education Hub Desk

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United Kingdom is the home to over 485,645 foreign students from practically every corner of the world.This historic land of cultural diversity, vivid colors and friendly population holds around 130 globally ranked universities. So if you are planning to study in the UK be assured, this is a great decision. If you are still confused, here are 10 reasons why you should study in the UK.


1. Number 1 Student City: London, United Kingdom’s capital is the number 1 city suitable for students. London, being connect by a vast network of trains and other fast transport system to other cities of the country, you will most likely reach your university witching 10-45 minutes of travel.

2. Top 10 International Universities: 4 out of top 10 global universities are in the United Kingdom. This simple fact is enough to judge the quality of education provided by the UK universities.

3. Education Quality: Universities in the United Kingdom are frequently inspected and monitored by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). QAA for Higher Education is the independent body that checks on standards and quality in UK higher education.

4. High Research Output: Universities in the United Kingdom strongly focuses on research base study method. Research output by the UK universities impact our daily lives more than we know. As we have seen during the COVID-19 vaccine development race.

5. Vast Choice of Courses: You have the steering wheel of your career in your own hand. UK universities offer virtually every course you can imagine. This gives the international students the flexibility to select the course of their own liking and build a career they love.

6. Course with Placement: Course with placement enables the students to work in an organization related to their field of study as a part of their higher education programs. This allows the student to gain real life working experience. Most of the UK universities offers courses with placement.

7. Shorter Course: Many universities in the UK has the options to select a bachelor or master’s course which is shorter in time duration than other universities. Shorter course duration lets the students finish their study quicker and start working thus boosting their career in general.

8. Study and Work: UK policies allows international students to work part-time while continuing their studies. This way international students can study and work at the same time and manage their own expenses.

9. High Employability Rate: According to QS World University Ranking, UK universities achieve a quite high score in graduate employability rate. For career oriented students, graduating from a university with high employability rate is very beneficial.

10. Strong Alumni: Alumni associations in the UK universities are very strong and supportive. No matter which course you choose to for higher studies in the UK, you will find alumni in the top places of your relevant field of study.

Studying at a UK university will push your career few years ahead. But getting everything ready as well as yourself, can be overwhelming sometimes. Education Hub Limited is the authorized admission part in Bangladesh for more than 100 UK universities. We strive to make Bangladeshi students’ migration as smooth as possible alongside getting them admitted in their desired university with a handsome amount of scholarship.

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