15 Reasons to Study In The UK in 2021

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The United Kingdom is called the heaven to study for international students. Whenever it comes to study abroad for Bangladeshi students, the first name that arises is UK. It is largely famous for its excellent education quality, student friendly environment, rich economic values, high standard of living and so many other things. Here are 15 reasons why student first choice is to study in UK.


1. Study Environment: UK is called the higher education hub for global students. It is one of the most famous country for higher education. Almost half million students joining every year. Universities of United Kingdom are the world-class standard which are continuously doing well among the world’s rankings. It has a standing position to world-class research. Getting UK student visa also easy compared to other countries.

2. University Degree Offerings: UK offers Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, and Post Graduate Certificate. Bachelor programs are usually 3 years in duration. Masters are usually 2 years based, with 1 year course & another year which is industry experience work called placement year.

3. Intake for UK: There are 2 big intakes for higher education in United Kingdom. The biggest intake is September. During that period, all the university open for all of their degree programs. Then come January, the 2nd biggest intake. There are some universities that offer some courses in February, March, April, May and June.

4. Tuition Fees: Tuition fees vary from University to University or even based on courses. For bachelor program, Low to mid-level university tuition fees start from 9000 to 14000 pounds. Masters’ tuition is 12000 to 16000 pounds. Foundation tuition fee is similar with this amount. Pre master’s tuition fee is 5000 pounds to 9000 pounds. On the other hand, Mid-level to upper-level universities cost a bit more. Bachelor tuition fee starts from 13000 pounds to 22000 pounds. For masters, it is 18000 pounds to 24000 pounds. These tuition fees are for one year period.

5. Scholarship Opportunity: Scholarship usually depends on student’s profile. There are different kind of scholarships available like university scholarship, vice chancellor scholarship, Chevening scholarship, commonwealth scholarship and so on. Scholarship amount varies from institutions, level of studies or subjects. International students get 1000 pounds to 10000 pounds or even more scholarship through authorized university partner.

6. Easy to get visa Permission: Every year, a lot of people visit the UK for different purposes. Getting student visa is one of the easiest way among them. Visa ratio for students is also high. The most beautiful thing for UK student visa is just to prove 28 days bank statement & solvency. If every document is well furnished and clear, then there is almost 100% chance of a student’s visa getting approved.

7. Part Time Work Opportunity: Part time job is a lucrative option for international students for earning extra money. United Kingdom allows full time students to work 20 hours in a week. Student’s part time jobs do not impact on their studies. It is easier to maintain a good balance between job and study.

8. Post Graduate Work opportunity: If any student wants to work after his/her graduation, then UK rules say, “YES”. Students who enrolling university at UK from September 2020 can stay United Kingdom up to two years to look for job or work which is related with their courses or obtained degrees.

9. Entry Requirements: Usually UK university entry requirements are easier than other countries. On an average, Academic as well as English Proficiency are required for getting entry at UK University. IELTS 6/5.5 Scorer can obtain direct entry to bachelor or masters courses. Again, minimum 4.5/4 on IELTS can also get entry to Foundation or pre sessional English course.

10. Strong Community: while studying in abroad, one of the important issues that arise is, native community. UK holds a very strong community for Bangladeshi people. There are almost 6,00,000 people living in United Kingdom who recognize themselves ethnically as Bangladeshi.

11. Weather in UK: UK is famous for its weather. UK temperature is good. Sunshine, rain, snow & wind are tolerable as well as adjustable for foreigners.

12. British Etiquette: British people have an inclination to concluded apologies. Where UK people see mass crowd, they stand or sit in a queue. They are used to say Please & Thanks.

13. UK Culture: UK is famous for attractive cultural history. Buckingham Palace, London Tower, Stonehenge, Edinburg Castle and so many other attractive places to see. World-class venues for concert like London Alexandra Palace, Symphony Hall Birmingham as well as most popular music festivals all are there.

14. Travel Networks: This is super easier to travel from other parts of Europe to London. There is a good connection with UK & others Countries. There is 12 or 14 weeks of summer breaks when students get much time to travel.

15. Biggest Library: There is The British Library which has more than 170 million of objects in the sorting. The British Library is very popular for its reading room as well as it is a very quiet place to study.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing UK to study for the international students. UK has an imaginary lifestyle for international students. UK University has high standard of values for academic and research. If you plan to study in UK, then undoubtedly this is a right decision to make and make it fast.

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