How to write a Statement of Purpose for UK universities

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The first and foremost document that is required while planning to make applications in the UK universities is a strong SOP. A quality SOP is an integral part of a successful university application. As I am working with the Education Hub Limited application team, I know how crucial the role of SOP is in getting an unconditional offer letter from the university. On the other hand, I must acknowledge that students from different agencies most often complain to me that their application has been rejected for not being able to clarify their intention of studying abroad in the SOP. So, it is crystal clear that the acceptance or rejection of a student is largely influenced by the message conveyed in the SOP and therefore, the students need to have proper ideas regarding how to write an SOP. Whether you are writing SOP for MBA, MA, MSc or BBA, BA, BSc program the basic structure will be almost similar. However, the discussion of this blog will provide you with a complete guideline for writing an effective SOP which will ultimately benefit you in the process of securing admission in the UK universities.

SOP represents the student’s intention for pursuing study abroad and when the intention is solid it becomes easier to get study permission. In general, the admission offer of a university asks to have the answers of the following issues in the SOP.

  1. Student’s Academic background, current professional status and relation of the selected study program with previous background.

This is the first part of the SOP and your job is to draw the attention of the admission officer through a solid and strong writing. In this section, students need to prove themselves as a best candidate for getting study permission in the selected university. If you are having any previous job experience, you must have to draw a relation with the selected course and the gathered job experience. Here, you also need to represent all your academic qualifications with dated activities. In case of any academic gap or late academic result publication, proper justification is required.

  1. Reasons for selecting the UK for higher study

This section of the SOP deals with explaining the reasons for selecting the UK for your study. In this part, you need to provide logical and justified reasons rather than providing general explanation. For instance, instead of saying the UK is the best among the higher study destinations, you should make a proper comparison between the UK and other higher study destinations to set a logical ground for selecting the UK.

  1. Reasons for selecting the particular university

This part represents your motivation to join the particular university. If you visit the university websites, you will find a number of reasons for choosing them for your higher study. You cannot write general reasons like the university is very reputed or the university has global recognition, rather you should add data and statistics for justifying why the university is a better choice than others.

  1. Justification of the selected course of the particular university

The admission officer wants to know why the selected course is an appropriate choice for your future career development. Here, you should focus on the course structure and different modules of the course and how the course is going to benefit you in the long run.

  1. Your future plan

The final section of the SOP deals with representing the future plan. You have to be very specific and realistic while writing your future plan. Your future plan must have to state where you want to see yourself in the future after completing your study. You must have to clarify how the study abroad is going to help you to turn your career vision into reality. Here, you can explain your research findings regarding how the higher study will make you more qualified and skilled in fulfilling the career goal.


Note: SOP cannot be a lengthy essay where the readers will lose patience during assessment. You should finalize your SOP within 500 to a maximum of 800 words.

If you face any difficulties in writing SOP, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated teams are waiting for your call.


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