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The UK offers a post-study work visa called the Graduate Route, which allows international students to work in the UK after completing their studies. This visa allows eligible students to stay for up to two years (or three years for Ph.D. graduates) to work or look for work in the UK. Graduates will have the opportunity to switch to other work visas or apply for settlement in the UK.

If you are considering studying in the UK and want to explore the exciting job opportunities available after graduation, this blog post is here to share with you some valuable insights, eligibility criteria, and steps to make the most of this visa program. Let’s check it out.

Understanding the UK Post-Study Work Visa

The UK Post Study Work Visa is a fantastic opportunity for Bangladeshi students to work in the UK after completing their studies. Let's check its details and understand the purpose, benefits, and flexibility it offers.

Overview of Post-Study Work Visa: International students can work in the UK through the Post Study Work Visa after finishing their studies. It offers a beneficial chance to learn about potential careers and get actual job experience.

Duration and Conditions of PSW: In The UK, graduates usually get two years work permit and gather experience on this visa in the UK. There are no job restrictions during this time, you will get freedom and the chance to investigate a lot of career possibilities.

Immigration Routes of Graduates: International students transitioning to work after studying in the UK can do so more easily for the graduate immigration route. It provides graduates with a clear path to job opportunities and enables them to build excellent careers.

Eligibility Criteria for Bangladeshi Students: Before applying for a post-study work visa in the United Kingdom, it is important to know the eligibility criteria. Let's check the credentials requirements for Bangladeshi students.

Academic Requirements: Students must successfully complete an accredited course from a recognized institution in the UK to be eligible for the visa.

Current visa: Your current visa must be a student visa or a Tier 4 (General) student visa. Otherwise, you cannot apply for this visa.

You’re in the UK:  You must be physically present in the UK when applying for a UK post-study work visa. Any significant time spent outside the UK on this occasion may affect your eligibility.

Confirmation of Course Completion: Your education providers, such as your university or college, must inform the UK Home Office that you have successfully finished your course.

Apply for the UK Post Study Work Visa
There are several steps and documents required to apply for post-study work visa in the United Kingdom. Let's discuss this application procedure and important considerations.

Visa Application Process:The visa application process involves completing the necessary forms, gathering required documents, and paying the relevant fees. It is crucial to follow the guidelines and submit a complete and accurate application.

Visa Extension: Understand the possibilities and requirements for extending the post-study work visa beyond the initial two years, giving you additional time to explore career opportunities in the UK.

Work Opportunities and Career Development:

After obtaining the UK Post Study Work Visa, it's time to explore the various work opportunities and avenues for career development in the UK.

Job Search Strategies: Discover effective strategies for searching for employment opportunities in the UK, including networking, utilizing online platforms, attending career fairs, and leveraging career services offered by universities.

Industry Sectors and In-Demand Skills: Gain skills that are in high demand by investigating the UK's thriving workplaces. This will improve your chances of finding work. Acquiring skills in areas such as software development, finance, healthcare, and design will position you well for career success in these thriving sectors. Stay abreast of industry trends to stay ahead of the curve and increase your chances of finding rewarding employment opportunities.

The period of your stay

Two years are allowed for a graduate visa. If you have a Ph.D. or another doctorate degree, it will be valid for three years. When your application is accepted, your visa will be active.

How to apply for a Graduate Visa?

Applying for a UK Graduate Visa is a simple process. Check your eligibility, collect the required documents, then submit your request online through the UK Government's official portal. Pay the application fee, attend the biometrics appointment if necessary, and wait for your visa application to be approved. Once approved, you will receive a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) as proof of your visa. Please note that effective from January 2024, only PhD students will be allowed to apply for student visas with dependents in the UK.

When should you apply?

To apply for a graduate visa in the UK, follow these steps:

  1. Apply before your student visa expires.

  2. Notify your educational institution when you've successfully completed your course.

  3. Gather required documents, including proof of identity and course completion.

  4. Submit your application and wait for a decision.

  5. If necessary, attend an appointment for document verification.

  6. Stay updated with the latest information from the UK government.

  7. Note: Consulting an immigration advisor can be helpful for personalized guidance.

How much does it cost to apply?

The following costs must be paid in order to apply for a Graduate visa in the UK:

Application Fee: The Graduate Visa application fee is £715. 

Healthcare Surcharge: An additional fee of £624 is required for each year that you want to stay in the UK in order to pay the healthcare surcharge.

It's important to keep in mind that these cost amounts may vary, so it's a good idea to check the most recent fees at the time of your application on the official UK government website.

What you can do and what you can't

A graduate visa allows you the following permission in the UK:

Permitted activities:

  • Engage in employment in several kinds of industries.

  • Search for job opportunities.

  • You're able to start and run your own business or self-employment 

  • Extend your eligible spouse and children's residency in the UK.

  • Participate in volunteer activity.

  • Visit foreign countries and return to the UK.

Restricted activities:

  • Ineligible to apply for most benefits (public funds) or receive the State Pension.

  • Not allowed to work as a professional sportsperson.

If your application for the Graduate visa is approved, you will receive a comprehensive list outlining the specific activities you are permitted or prohibited from undertaking.